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Three Steps to Finding a Job


Looking for a job on your own? Learn about our self-service options at a Workforce Center.

Register for job search
Online at the Center or over the Internet using a special new website: Virginia Work Connect you can:

  • Create an account where you will store information on yourself, jobs, training and other information to help you get a job.
  • Create a resume. Most companies have their own application process and special procedures often requiring resumes. This easy-to-use tool walks you through the process, asking questions to help you create a resume that tells an employer what you can do.
  • Look for jobs. The online system can match your skills with available job listings. You can apply to many opening directly through the system or get information on how to contact the employer directly. Job alerts can keep looking for jobs for you even when you aren't online.

Get some direction
If you don't know what direction you want or can take your career, there's an incredible amount of information online to help you get started.

Need help looking for a job? Take advantage of staff assistance and special programs at a Workforce Center

If you've looked on your own for employment and aren't finding what you need, don't worry, the Workforce Center has the staff and other resources to help you jump start your search.

Each center has certified workforce development professionals who can help you fine tune your search by helping you revise your resume, discussing your interview skills, and reviewing your career goals. Their expertise will help you target the right openings in the right way. You will learn:

  • Where to apply and how to follow up to make sure you get noticed by that key employer
  • How best to present yourself and your resume
  • What traditional and non-traditional jobs are most likely to hire you.

Specialized Programs

Each center has programs to work with groups facing extra challenges in getting to work.


If you... Ask for...
Are a veteran Veterans Program
Are over 55 years old SCSEP or Older American Program
Have been laid off Dislocated Worker
Have had your job move oversees Dislocated Worker or Trade Act programs
Were self-employed and are now unemployed Dislocated Worker Program
Are a homemaker entering the workforce Dislocated Worker Program
Are a non-native English speaker Literacy Volunteers
Are an ex-offender WIA Adult Program
Age 14 - 21 WIA Youth Programs and Job Corps


If you need help  
Getting a high school diploma or GED Adult Education or GED Prep programs
With housing The Housing Authority
With reading and literacy Adult Education or Literacy Volunteers
With money for food Department of Social Services
With managing your money Financial education and counseling


Need new skills to land a job? Training opportunities are available through Workforce Center partners.

Sometimes even the best job search comes up empty. You may not have the job skills needed in today's work world. Or the skills you have may be outdated. The Workforce Center is your one stop for getting more education and specialized training to make sure you can find a job today as the first step in career for tomorrow. Many of the same programs that help you look for a job in Step 2 can assist with training. These programs help you assess where you are, what you are interested in, what you are good at, and then help you select the training that's right for you.

Learn More

Many of the jobs of tomorrow don't even exist today. All workers in the 21st century will have to keep learning and improving their skills throughout their career. The Workforce Center can refer you to local training providers such as:

  • Traditional higher education: two- and four-year colleges and universities in our area
  • Technical training: Professional and industrial training organizations that can fast track you into an occupation that is in demand now.