Virginia Workforce Network

Who we Are


A strong committee structure is used to conduct the efforts and activities defined by the Board. Each committee is chaired by a board member and includes board members and partners as deemed appropriate.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of each of the Board officers (chair, vice chair, treasurer, and secretary) and the chairs of each of the committees. Each of the committees advises the Executive Committee regarding their efforts and progress. The Executive Committee formulates a plan of action based on the decisions of the committees, then makes its recommendations to the Board. As the Board's collective leaders, the Executive Committee serves an important role in the smooth operation and planning of WDB activities.

  • King Tower (2018), Chair                                                                     
  • Woods Rogers, PLC
  • Roanoke, VA
  • Joyce Kessinger (2016), Immediate Past Chair                                        Boxley Materials Company                                                                          Roanoke, VA
  • Shawn Hildebrand (2017), Vice-Chair                                                      Craig/Boetetourt Electric Coop                                                                         New Castle, VA
  • William F. "Bill" Jones (2017) Treasurer
    Senior Vice President, HomeTown Bank
    Roanoke, VA
  • Naomi Powers (2018)
    Carilion Franklin Memorial
    Rocky Mount, VA
  • Joe Brinley (2016), Secretary
    Senior Vice President, HomeTown Bank
    Roanoke, VA

Workforce Center and Services Committee

The Workforce Center and Services Committee ensures quality workforce center services for both job seekers and employers. The committee ensures that comprehensive services are provided in a seamless, integrated, effective, and efficient manner. The committee guides and directs center operations and ensures quality of customer services and continuous improvement of the Workforce Center system. The committee will review Workforce Center performance through the use of federal, state and local performance measures and on-site visits. The committee reviews all formal complaints and reports to ensure that quality and timely services are being delivered to employers and customers.

  • Joe Brinley, NECA/IBEW Local 26 (Chair)
  • Phil Peters, Optical Cable Corporation
  • Jane R. Conlin, City of Roanoke Department of Human Services
  • Deborah Yancey, Virginia Western Community College
  • Crystal Hall, Roanoke Redevelopment & Housing Authority
  • Joyce Kessinger, Boxley Materials
  • Donella Spangler, Salem City Schools

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee administers WIA funding and develops other funding streams to further the board’s mission. The committee recommends WIA funding allocations to reflect the board’s strategic plan and seeks additional funding for special projects. ┬áThe committee works in conjunction with the Request for Proposals Committee to review proposals and acts in an advisory capacity during RFP development and proposal evaluation to preserve the integrity of the RFP process.

  • William (Bill) F. Jones, Treasurer (Chair), Hometown Bank
  • Carroll Gentry, Tanglewood Estates
  • Shawn Hildebrand, Craig/Botetourt Electric Coop
  • Katherine Holcomb, Virginia Employment Commission
  • Williams D. Jones, Two Boys, LLC
  • King Tower, Woods Rogers, PLC

Ad Hoc Committees

Board Development Committee

The Board Development Committee ensures effective board processes, structures and roles, including board-member training, committee development and board evaluation. The committee recruits a pool of nominees from which the Chief Local Elected Officials Consortium may appoint new members to the Board The committee also serves as the officers nominating committee and ensures an orderly succession of officers.

  • Naomi Powers (Chair), Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital
  • Teresa Hammond, Alleghany Highlands Chamber of Commerce
  • Kathy Hodges, The Franklin Center
  • Michelle Wells, DARS

Target Sector Committee

  • Wayne Adkins, Salem Tools, Inc.
  • Phil Peters, Optical Cable Corporation
  • Kathy Hodges, The Franklin Center
  • Katherine Holcomb, Virginia Employment Commission
  • Jill Loope, Director, Roanoke County Economic Development
  • Todd Putney, Medical Facilities of America
  • John Rainone, Dabney S. Lancaster Community College