Training Provider Certification Application

Organizations interested in providing occupational or other training funded by the Western Virginia Workforce Development Board must be certified by the Board as outlined in the Workforce Investment Act. Applications are available online and from the Workforce board office.

Applications may be made at any time, but no less than three weeks prior to the board meeting in which you wish to be considered. Certifications are good from the remainder of the program year in which they are received and must be renewed annually.



DATE:  July 5, 2016

The new Federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) requires the state to develop and maintain a list of all Eligible Training Providers (ETP). This list will be made available for customer review and their use in making informed choices regarding training.  The state has implemented this through the Virginia Board of Workforce Development Policy Number 15-02.  As a part of this policy two universal application forms were developed, Training Provider Application and Program Application, for use throughout Virginia in order to ensure every workforce development board collects and reviews the same information.  These application forms are available for download at the links below.

The Western Virginia Workforce Development Board (WVWDB) has the responsibility for receiving, reviewing and approving training providers and their programs in its service area.  The WVWDB is accepting applications from training providers who wish to be included in the state ETP list.  The application must be completed and submitted by all potential training providers, including those who are presently approved by the WVWDB. If you have questions, you may contact Jake Gilmer at (540) 562-8442 or  

Applications may be submitted at any time, with additions to the list subject to WVWDB review and Board approval. Please submit your completed Training Provider and Program applications to:

Mail to:              or             Email:

Jake Gilmer              
313 Luck Avenue, SW
Roanoke, VA  24016    

Your applications will be considered by the Board and, if approved, included on the state ETP list.  All participants who are trained using WIOA funding must meet the requirements of and be actively enrolled in a WIOA program.  Inclusion on the state ETP list does not ensure you will receive WIOA training funds.  


Jake Gilmer


Click HERE to preview eligibility requirements and applications. Download the applications to fill them out to mail them as instructed above. 

Training Provider Application

Training Program Application  Note:  A separate application form must be completed for each training program or occupational skills course of study.